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"I read somewhere, "Persist, even if the world calls it doing evil –

as it is most likely they will. Persistence will win out." Show me a published

writer, and I will show you a person who has kept on writing in spite

of every obstacle. He has found time to write. He hasn’t let rejection

stop him. Or poverty. Or writer’s block. Or people saying he shouldn’t write

about that sort of thing. No matter what happens, he keeps turning

out the stuff. Because he’s a writer. It’s what he does.

So he does it. 

He persists.

And through the persistence, he succeeds" -


‘All-Wound Up’ is a one-stop-shop for all things lewd and twisted.  It pushes the boundaries of taste until we’re standing ankle deep in blood and filth and wondering what the hell just happened.

Gut-churningly depraved fun from start to finish.  You’ll love it! - Chris Hall, DLS Reviews

          TOY BOX
 David Owain Hughes


Same rigmarole every night:

Tucked in, kissed on the head,

Lights out, door closed to ajar,

A sliver of light. Dilated pupils and a

Hammering heart – regrets of

Not playing nice.


The lid creaks up -

Moving in the creeping shadows -

Shapes on the walls

Of the clown leading the hunt

Followed by Green Berets

With bayonets fixed.


This time they shall have blood.


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